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Name: Asiformdatarequest file

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You are doing something wrong while uploading file. it need to like this NSFileManager *fileManager = [NSFileManager defaultManager];. Did u add the ASIHTTPRequest files to your project and imported the files in classes where you need them.

Pls go through this for reference. The included ASIFormDataRequest subclass makes it easy to submit Full support for Rackspace Cloud Files, contributed by Mike Mayo of. ASIFormDataRequest will autodetect the mime type of files (on iOS or later an Mac) added to the POST via setFile:forKey: and include this. Copy the files you need to your project folder, and add them to your Xcode project.

An overview of the ASIHTTPRequest source files appears. Add the contents of a local file to the request. - (void)addFile:(NSString *)filePath forKey:(NSString *)key;. // Same as above, but you can specify. ASIHTTPRequest is an easy to use wrapper around the CFNetwork API that ASIFormDataRequest subclass makes it easy to submit POST data and files using.

как я могу реплицировать выше в ASIFormDataRequest? попытался uploads /'; $file = basename($_FILES['userfile']['name']); $uploadfile = $uploaddir. $file. Free download page for Project MobileAR for Reflection's ASIFormDataRequest. Augmented Reality for Supporting Reflection. Recently I used ASIHTTPRequest to upload images and other data from an iPhone application [request setData:imageData forKey:@ "file" ];.


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