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Inhumans. Inhuman Royal Family: Black Bolt. Medusa. Karnak. Gorgon. Triton. Crystal. Lockjaw. Maximus the Mad. The Unspoken. New generation: Tonaja. Alaris. San. Nahrees. Jolen. Dewoz. Post-Infinity: Inferno. Lash. Ms. Marvel. Quake. Reader. Synapse II. Ulysses Cain. List of Inhumans - Crystal (comics) - Inhumans (TV series) - Medusa. Changed by TerrigenInhumans. Created as an experiment by the Kree alien race, the Inhumans are strain of humanity with extraordinary abilities. The Inhumans are a race of people who were created as a result of a Kree science experiment that was abandoned thousands of years ago.

They are the Inhumans - born from the mutating Terrigen Mists which unlocks their full potential. For centuries the Inhumans led a secluded life on Earth's moon in a city known as Attilan. Meet Crystal's super powered clan of the Inhuman Royal Family, and witness a remarkable. See Also See: The Inhumans Comic Books Category for a complete list., See: Inhumans for all the variations of the subject on the site.

Inhuman Royal Family (Earth): Black Bolt: King of the Inhumans. Medusa: Queen of the Inhumans. Crystal: Medusa's Sister. Gorgon:Cousin of Medusa and Black Bolt. Karnak: Cousin of Black Bolt. Luna: Daughter of Crystal and Quicksilver. Lockjaw: Transporter of the family. Triton: Cousin of Black Bolt and Brother to Karnak. The result of Kree experimentation on Homo Neanderthalensis using Terrigen Mist, The Inhumans are a race of super powered beings who live in isolation and .

Some big names from the Inhuman Royal Family were just wiped out as Marvel's Death of the Inhumans comic brings war to Black Bolt's door. Marvel Television is set to bring the Inhumans, arguably the strangest heroes of the Marvel Universe, to IMAX screens this weekend. While this. Inhumans by Paul Jenkins & Jae Lee (): Paul After a short X-Factor arc, Lee decamped to the newly formed Image Comics.

are a superhero group in the Amalgam Comics universe. of DC Comics' Forever People and Marvel Comics' Inhumans.


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